Not so poop: The secrets to the perfect photo dump

With the popularity of BeReal and a strive for more relatable social media posts, the photo dump has become the perfect way to post on Instagram. The name might not be too appealing, but the idea behind a photo dump is.

It involves multiple images, all somewhat unedited and casual. The trend allows you to post anything fun, cute or just shareable from your camera roll, taking your Instagram feed from just a collection of over-edited selfies to something far more personal and creative.

And everyone is doing them (including us). From influencers such as @Sommerray to Florence Pugh, the photo dump is for all of us – a way to share the more natural and unique parts of our day, week, month or trip.



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“I think Instagram is heading towards an emphasis on memories rather than the old style of only posting things that lifted their ego up. Social media was initially supposed to be an online scrapbook and I think now Instagram is hitting that point of posting more authentic and real things that matter to us rather than the people checking out your online scrapbook,” said Caitlyn Mims, a content creator on Instagram.

According to some, there is a formula for the perfect photo dump. Instagram influencer and TikToker Jaci Marie Smith posted a video about the recipe for the perfect photo dump.


photo dump instructions for u

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However we have our own recommendations for the perfect photo dump:

  1. An outfit picture
  2. A friend
  3. A food or drink picture
  4. Something digital, like the television screen or your laptop
  5. Clothes
  6. A BeReal
  7. Something cute and inspiring
  8. Nature or a landscape
  9. Screenshot of a song or a cute text
  10. Personality picture – something that just sums you up

But all in all, the perfect photo dump is really just an expression of your camera roll and you!

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