Peel off makeup: trend or no trend?

Taking off your make-up at the end of the day could now be a thing of the past. Korean beauty brands have introduced what could be the new way to prep and remove your make-up.

The introduction of charcoal masks took the social media world by storm with videos of people testing them. Social media went crazy but, is this next trend taking it too far or is it just what we need?


Peel off make-up has made its way into the world. Korean brand, Berrisom have Peel off lip stains and eyebrow masks which have moved over to the UK. But, the trends are now taking it to a new high with the full face. The trend has made its mark online after various bloggers and Youtubers have tried and tested it out.

All of these peel off products basically do the same job. You’ve guessed it… the lip stains simply set on the lips and peel off to leave a perfect colour on the lip. Fantastic for coffee lovers to drink without leaving the lip marks around the cup. And the eyebrow mask does exactly the same trick.

So what is the full face peel? Real Skin Patch is the product and well it is actually a real skin patch. It is basically the same as a skin primer. Putting the product on your face prior to applying your make up will act as a barrier between the layers. So, when it comes to removing the make-up it should peel off the same as a peel off face mask. It may be ideal for some but, for others it may look like the scene from a horror film when the killer is revealed behind the mask and for some, looking at yourself in the mirror doing that may be horrifying.

It may sound like a total waste of time for those who like scrubbing their make-up off at the end of the day. But, for those with acne-prone skin, this could be the holy grail product. The barrier between the foundation and the skin patch means less make-up will get into the pores of your skin. The purpose of the product is to help improve the skin.

Although, these are Korean products, they are available to buy in the UK. Berrisom Lip Tint is available to buy in the UK on for £8Maybelline also have a range of tattoo brow products available to purchase for £12.99 in Boots.  And the mysterious product, the Real Skin Patch is available to buy on or for around £17.

Our guess for this product is that if it works, it will be a blessing, but if not, it will be a disaster. If the product actually works, we can hopefully enjoy clear skin without the hassle of make-up removal at the end of the day but if not, it’s back to the old fashion cleansing on a night time.

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  1. Tigerlady oo
    10/06/2017 / 19:54

    Can i buy those products in Sunderland??

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