Pin curls are back and revived from the 1930s!

Back in the 1930s, pin curls were a popular styling method used to achieve big bouncy curls. Fast forward to 2020 and pin curls are back, better than ever, and we are so here for it. Pin curls are a styling trend dominating the hair game of social media.  

 It has been done by influencers and Youtubers such as Molly-Mae Hague and Newcastle influencer Chloe Elizabeth. Molly Mae is renowned for her stunning ice blonde hair, so unsurprisingly when the star revealed she had tried the method, millions of others jumped at it, trying it out for themselves.  

Credit- Molly Mae Hague on Instagram. Major hair envy! Molly Mae uses pin curls as part of her styling routine.


To see what all the hype was about, here at Fashion North we tried it out- and can confirm this method is a must try. For long lasting flawless bouncy curls, pin curls do just that. If Hollywood curls are your thing, you must try pin curls, it will change your life! 

Here is a short step by step guide on how to achieve pin curls: 

1) First comb through the hair, making sure it is clear of all knots and tangles 

2) For longer lasting curls use a curl hold spray (GHD Curl Hold Spray- £12) and spray each section of hair 

3) Pick your section of hair, and curl away from your face 

4) Catch the curl before it drops and pin to your head 

5) Repeat until all sections of hair are pinned, then spray with hair spray and leave for 30 minutes 

6) You may now take the pins out, achieving big bouncy curls 

7) Gently brush the curls out to achieve a gorgeous wavy look 


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