How To: Quick and Easy Heat-Free Curls

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Do you always blame your alarm for not getting you up on time? I know, I do the same thing but something I have done to save that little bit of time is change my hair routine. Early mornings really aren’t my thing, I can guarantee you I’ll always leave the curlers or straighteners on resulting in either worrying all day or having to go home to turn them off, it also takes ages to style my hair with them as its so thick. Now, I don’t bother using them, maybe on a weekend if I’m going out but weekdays, my hair hardly ever feels the heat!

Here’s how to change your hair from bed head to beautiful curls in just 5 simple steps, you’ll never be late again!

Step 1.

Wash your hair with a high shine shampoo. Sometimes I vary between Aussie and L’Oreal products and in this case I used the L’Oreal Paris Elvive, Nutri-Gloss Luminiser. It doesn’t lather as much as Aussie products normally do but it definitely gives me the shine I need before achieving my natural curls. It also states on the packaging that your hair will be sealed in gloss for 48 hours. This is a technique that is used to remove impurities from the hair fibre and coat them with a glossy polish for long-lasting weightless luminosity. Perfect for anyone with dry hair!

IMG_2662 Step 2.

Dry your hair upside down. That’s if your definitely in that rush I was talking about, if not I let my hair dry naturally. It does take forever if you’ve got long hair but luckily for me my locks dry pretty quickly, with a little help from a trusty towel dry. To add volume to your hair, use Vo5’s Plump It Up spray. Tip your head upside down and spray it directly in the roots of your hair. Then, after showing off your best hair flick, you’ll definitely notice the difference.


Step 3. 

Once your hair is dry, its time to style. Scrunch your hair after applying Vo5’s Give Me Texture, Rough And Sexy Sea Salt spray. This is probably my favourite product as it’s what gives you your natural curls. Depending on how much time you have, you can section your hair to add more ‘oomph’ for an all over look. Unfortunately, the bottle is quite small so it doesn’t last that long if you use it almost every day like myself but I definitely swear by it.


Step 4. 

This is a new product that I’ve recently added to my routine, Batiste dry shampoo in Cherry. I never really thought of buying the product before until I saw the Ella Henderson advert. It is something thats there incase you haven’t had time to wash your hair but it definitely does more just that! The volume intensity that it adds to your curls is amazing and will leave your curls smelling like cherries, yum!


Step 5.

A Backcomb styler is the final essential, it just finishes off the full look. It adds height and keeps your curls in place, which is great if the weather is going to be bad! There’s definitely a limit on how much you should backcomb but its probably a personal preference depending on the thickness of your hair in the first place. You can pick up combs like this from Primark.


All of these products are reasonably cheap. Vo5 products are currently on offer in Boots 2 for £5.50 and Batiste is 3 for £3 in Asda. You can’t complain when these products save time, save money and don’t damage your hair as much as heat. I use this routine all of the time and my hair has become a lot healthier!

Here’s my overall heat-free natural curls with a bouffant front, it took me around 1o minutes to execute.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.27.06

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