Quick fire fashion and beauty Q&A with Thumbelina Lillie


We caught up with super blogger Thumbelina Lillie to find out her thoughts on 2015’s fashion and beauty trends. Are Birkenstocks really as cool as people make them out to be? Has Kylie Jenner actually had her lips filled, or is she just a lip lining pro? Find out what the winner of Cosmopolitan’s Highly Commended Beauty Blog Award thinks.

FN: Beyonce’s short fringe – yay or nay?

TL: Nay! Just when we were thinking that Queen Bey could do no wrong…

FN: Mismatched nail polish – cool or cringe?

TL: Cool! The clashing colours can really add fun to an outfit.

FN: Fake tan – chavvy or cool?

TL: Totally chavvy, sorry!

FN: Who’s your fashion icon?

TL: Kristina Bazan! She deserves all of the heart eye emojis.

FN: What’s your make-up pet peeve?

TL: Orange foundation. In this day and age, there’s no excuse to go out looking like a satsuma…unless you’re being an Oompa Loompa for Halloween.

FN: What make-up skill are you yet to crack?

TL: Contour, sigh.

FN: What’s your desert island beauty product?

TL: Eyelash curlers – they’d double up as a survival tool, wouldn’t they?

FN: Would you rather never wear make-up again, or have to exclusively wear beige for the rest of your life? We know how much you love holographic pieces!

TL: Surprisingly, I’d go with the beige! I’d amp up the colour with make-up.

FN: Birkenstocks – geek or chic?

TL: Totally geek, I don’t understand the trend at all.

FN: Kylie Jenner – surgery or lip liner?

TL: Surgery fo’sure! No lip liner in the world could create that look…or if there is one out there, I want some. Pronto.


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