Reach for the stars with Saab

With glimmering glitter runways and an array of sparkling stars, Elie Saab’s Ready-to-Wear 2017 Collection was bound to be a dream.

This weekend the Lebanese designer showcased his illustrious collection in Paris, inspired by 70’s boho fashion and technicolor, the clothes united influences of the eras using bold primary colours on black with added shimmer and star-studded accessories.

Each look featured a star design in some way. Whether it be emblazoned across the dress in contrasting colours or hanging from a cluster of layered gold chained ribbon necklaces.

Saab personalised the 70s look with his signature craft: exquisite beading. To the soundtrack of Paris Hilton’s Do You Think I’m Sexy came colourful long-line dresses with thigh-high slits and deep V-necks, styled with sequinned caps and glitzy jewellery.

Not to mention the beautiful fringed bead work that hung expertly from the hips of the dresses as they swayed in time to the techno beat, they were delicately striking.

The disco theme shone throughout the show, from the two-piece suits (shorts and a blazer) embellished with silver, red and gold stars to the flowing stripes of the colourful halter-neck dress, the show was very Glam Rock crossed with Joseph’s Technicolor dream coat.

Who knew that bell-bottomed sequinned trousers would be the top our wish lists in 2017, but once you’ve seen Saab’s take on 70s fashion you’ll never look back. Pairing heavy shoulder pads with plunging necklines, fashion never looked more powerful.

Once again we thank our lucky stars, the Saab collection was everything we hoped it’d be, and more!

Get down to the disco beat with the Saab playlist:

  • Relight My Rire, by Take That ft Lulu
  • Starboy by The Weeknd ft Daft Punk
  • Do You Think I’m Sexy by Paris Hilton



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