Say goodbye to ‘Clean Girl’ Trend; show respect to “Mob Girls”

The “clean girl” aesthetic is over. Say hello to ‘Mob Girl’.

It’s the trend that is blowing up our socials in 2024 and it’s a stark contrast to the simple, pure, ‘clean’ images, of last year.

AHP38E Women wearing real fur coats in Vienna Austria

A combination of the word “Mob” which is another word for the mafia and the word “Wife”, this aesthetic is the look of mafia wives. Starting with a viral video posted by tiktoker Kayla Trivieri with the statement ” Clean girl is out, Mob wife is in 2024”, this trend has caught the eyes of fashion explorers worldwide.  In contrast to the minimalist “clean girl” movement, this current trend is maximalist, and it has a sexier, more powerful aura than “Barbiecore” or “Balletcore.” And while the Y2K trend gave a young vibe, the “Mob Wife” aesthetic presents a more mature and seductive image.

Numerous celebrities are adopting this style, inspiring individuals to survive the winter as a “Mob Wife.” Dua Lipa is one of those celebrities. She was seen leaving The Greenwich Hotel in New York wearing a massive fake fur coat, black leather calf-high boots, and a tiny sheer black lace dress with an irregular hem, as seen on her social media photo.


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Kendall Jenner is another celebrity that inspires this style. She wore a floor-length Phoebe Philo brushed shearling coat, as shown in her photo, and accessorized the ensemble with transparent tights and kitten heels.


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So, what items do we need to fulfill this aesthetic? A big fur coat is an essential piece. The style makes the wearer appear larger by using fur or leather to accentuate ‘dignity and aura’.  Heels are an essential finishing touch to this aesthetic, but not any heels. As the quote: “The Higher the Heels, the closer to god, ” the heels should be high pointy, which could always double as a secret weapon. The material of the heel does not matter much as if the shape is “high and pointy”, but many match the clothes with leather or animal patterned styled heels. It’s an excellent way to highlight maximalism with an item like vibrant bold jewellery and retro sunglasses. Using bold “red” lipstick and black cosmetics is also a great approach to complete the look.

Here’s how to get the “Mob Wife” look on the high street:



[Fur coats] 



Mango faux fur coat – 83.99 GBP

H&M Fluffy coat – 40.00 GBP


[Bold jewelry] 



H&M Chunky EARRINGS – 6.99 GBP


Zara Twisted Cuff – 19.99 GBP




Silk Fred Leopard Suede Toe Pump High Heels – 25.00 GBP

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