Scout Vintage owner Angelia tells us all about Scout’s big move

Scout vIntage

One of our favourite vintage shops Scout is moving! Ahead of the big move we spoke to store owner Angelia to find out why she’s decided to move her vintage haven.

“Scout’s been open a little over a year now, and as much as I love my little shop, I took a big gamble on the location (currently on Frederick Street, Sunderland). I had no idea whether vintage had any kind of following in Sunderland – the fact that there weren’t any similar shops worried me for that reason. On the other hand, being the only one is also a good thing! As lovely as the streets and architecture are around Sunniside, there just aren’t enough people passing through. I had to think very carefully about whether to carry on, or start looking for a better location at a price I could afford.”

After weighing up the pros and cons, Angelia started hunting for a new location for Scout, and she found it. “Fortunately I have managed to find a shop that I can afford and that suits the style of Scout – it’s on Olive Street” (part of the Park Lane Shopping Village). “The new place is a similar size but also has an upstairs. I have an idea what will happen there, but I don’t want to say anything more at this point, as it’s not definite yet.” We’re all obviously dying to know what’s going to be upstairs now.

“I haven’t really decided what’s going to fit where. I have planned on having a more organised shop this time but knowing me it won’t be tidy for long,” Angelia jokes. The current Scout Vintage store is like a shop meets market stall meets a bedroom from the 80s – decorated in posters with a record player playing vintage classics and open suitcases with vintage accessories inside. “Although I want the shop to have a tidier theme I like to rummage in shops myself, so it will naturally fit my own tastes.”

If you haven’t visited Scout before, then let me tell you a little about the clothing – it’s a store built for every clothing loving man/woman. You can get your typical vintage Levi’s and cable knit jumpers or you can venture out of the box and shop through some of their oversized pattern shirts, leather coats, denim jackets and accessories. Thankfully – this very vintage vibe is set to stay. “I am a born bargain finder,” Angelia explains. “I just go searching for seasonal finds so the stock is added to regularly. Scout isn’t about any one look or era – not only would I find that restrictive in a business sense as it would be extremely niche and I’m not an expert on any individual look, but in a fashion sense too. I think it’s fun to mix and match styles, brands and looks.”

One thing we were very excited to hear about and are looking forward to seeing is Scout Vintage T-shirts. “I am working on original designs for Scout Tees. They will be music-inspired and in collaboration with local artists.”

“I think, and hope, that the new location will bring in more passing trade of all different ages and types. I really want people to realise vintage doesn’t have to mean over-priced. People have loosened up about buying second-hand and that’s a good thing. No-one benefits from a totally throw away society, least of all the environment. I wash/press/steam all the stock before it goes on the rails, so it’s almost as good as new. Ultimately, I really hope Scout will be the sort of place people shop at regularly to pick out fashion-forward items that add some individuality to their wardrobe.”

The new Scout Vintage store is due to open by the end of October.


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