Sea You Soon

“Sea you soon”

The contrast of colours in fashion is a trend that will stay around forever. Brands such as Fred Perry and Pretty Green rely heavily on this style to keep their target audience.

For my styling portfolio, I took inspiration from a mood board I created, using Procreate, which represents this ongoing trend. I focused on menswear as the brands I was researching primarily market towards this demographic.

Front Cover

I decided on the idea of creating a Vogue page to enhance the overall editorial theme. To contrast the clothing with the location, I decided to do my shoot at the beach, as this compliments the darker shaded clothing.

Style One

For the first style, the model is wearing a checkered Pretty Green shirt, black jeans, which have been rolled up at the bottom, white Nike socks, and checkered, slip-on Vans trainers. For this look, I was aiming for an Indie style, which has been captured well, which is a result of the Pretty Green shirt, a popular choice among Indie and Rock ‘N’ Roll music fans, due to the founder; Liam Gallagher. This style was shot at Drigg beach, Cumbria, as I wanted a natural environment, and I thought that the ruins of the old watch post would act well as a natural stage.

Model wears: Shirt, find similar here. Jeans, Socks, Shoes.

Style Two

For this second style, the model has been shot on grass dunes on Drigg beach, wearing a black, long-sleeve Fred Perry polo shirt, black jeans, which were rolled up at the bottom, white Nike socks, and checkered, slip-on Vans trainers. The contrast between the light grass and the bleak sky, and the black and white attire, helped the model to really stand out in the grass, whilst not disrupting the background. For this style, the combination of black and white, as well as the inclusion of a classic Fred Perry, which are synonymous with the Mod subculture, helped to portray the model as part of this demographic.

Model wears: Polo shirt, Jeans, find similar here. Shop shoes and socks on previous links.

Style Three

The third style involves the model wearing a navy Pull & Bear denim jacket, a black, high neck t-shirt, and black jeans. The darker colours of the jacket and the jeans complimented the surroundings, the beach and rock pools in Drigg beach, very well, as the dim background allowed to be drawn to the strong navy and black of the outfit.

Model wears: Denim Jacket, find similar here, Top, Jeans, find similar here.

Style Four

For the fourth and final style, the model is wearing a teal, pink, and white Farah Brewlay shirt, and is leaning against a maroon fence in Whitehaven, Cumbria. The complimentary colours of teal and maroon really allowed for the model to stand out, and with the help of the sun, the sharpness of the shirt was captured well.

Model wears: Shirt, find similar here.

Model: Matthew Glaister

Styling: Libby Martindale 

Photography: Libby Martindale 

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