Sears leases space for seven Primark outlets in the US


One of America’s biggest department stores, Sears, has leased 520,000 square feet of shop space to Primark.

The Irish retailer will occupy space in seven locations across America.

A Primark spokesman said: “Primark confirms that it has agreed to acquire the leases of seven stores from the US company Sears.

The stores will form part of the new Primark estate in the north east of the US. ABF has already said that Primark plans to be trading from up to 10 stores by late 2016.

Two of these locations have already been confirmed – King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia and Staten Island Mall in New York. The location and timings for the further five stores is still unconfirmed.

The space in the King of Prussia Mall will be on the lower level and the Sears brand will no longer operate a retail store at this mall. In New York’s Staten Island Mall Primark will occupy 70,000 square feet by the end of 2016.

This news follows Primark’s announcement earlier this year that they are set to open their first US based stand alone store in Boston by the end of 2015.


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