Second edition of Vegan Fashion Week launches in LA

Second edition of Vegan Fashion Week launches in LA

After the success of their debut event in February, the very first vegan fashion trade in the world launched again in LA yesterday.

This autumn, a series of vegan events were opened on 10th October with an Awards Night and Fundraiser in the Theatre at Ace Hotel where a group of artists, such as Kate Nash, gathered together to celebrate music, fashion and ecology.  Nominees included renowned vegans such as singer Miley Cyrus, actress Natalie Portman, and Kristen Stewart’s fashion stylist Tara Swennen. All the guests supported vegan creatives changing the fashion industry, as well as protectors of animal rights, by buying the ticket and raising the funds.

Photo credit: Vegan Fashion Week

The Vegan Fashion Trade Show itself will take place on 14th October in California Market centre, located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. This season’s theme ‘Fashion is Activism’ will explore, according to VFW: “the challenges surrounding ecological and climate change trough the lenses of fashion.”

“The relationship between fashion, factory farming, and climate change cannot be ignored. Vegan sustainable fashion is the ultimate answer to climate change and waste pollution. I created an inclusive and collaborative movement dedicated to redesigning the industry and the consumers’ daily habits” said Vegan Fashion Week creator and animal rights activist, Emmanuelle Riend.

In addition to the fashion show, there will be a vegan-only clothes swap where people can donate their clothes and take what they need. All fur, leather and non-vegan pieces will go to charities. People can also attend a series of conferences about ethical and smart fashion literacy and discuss vegan sustainable alternatives.

To get more information about Vegan Fashion week watch the video below or visit their website.

If you are fancy trying a local vegan fashion brand then head to Uncaptive in Newcastle, where you can buy vegan, ethical and sustainable clothing.

Photo credit: Anna Kristofcova

If you’re researching some more vegan brands and shops you can use the app GoodOn You which we reviewed in Fashion North here or see the list of brands approved by PETA here.


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