Sirius-ly spelltacular! Seaham woman’s Harry Potter themed Christmas tree goes viral

As November is drawing to a close the excitement of Christmas is all that seems to be on everyone’s mind right now.  “How many fairy lights is too many fairy lights?” or “what colour scheme shall my decorations be this year?” are the questions every keen Christmas fanatic is asking. But the question on Kathryn Burnett’s mind was how can I make this a very Harry Christmas?

Kathryn, from Seaham, created a Harry Potter themed Christmas tree which took Facebook by storm with over 2,000 shares overnight. Shocked and overwhelmed by the response she said: “To me it’s just my little Christmas tree with everything I love on it. I seriously thought I had been hacked this morning when I woke up and saw the reaction!”

The tree took around eight hours to complete and consists mostly of decorations collected from visits to Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. “I’ve been there 11 times as I’m such a huge fan of the franchise!”

But with months of planning and expensive visits from Seaham to London could this be the best Christmas tree we see this year?

We’d love to see your best dressed Christmas trees this year, so if you think yours could be in the running’s send your photos to @fashion_north.


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