10 things employers don’t tell you about working Black Friday

I wish everyone could experience working in retail on a busy day such as Black Friday. Your patience is wearing thin and you’ve cursed several times under your breath, you need a bottle of wine waiting for you at the end of the day.

1.  Making everyone aware no makeover appointments will be available on Black Friday, but the bargain hunters know the lingo to use. “Can you try these few products on me?” Fifteen products later, they’re ready for their night out in town.


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2. Any available mirror areas become a dumping ground for the clothes people don’t want. Seeing my exhausted face staring back at me, I’m thinking is this job really worth it?


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3. That frustrating moment when you’ve picked up a garment off the floor and it’s ‘fallen’ down ten seconds later surrounded by guilty yet “I’m not going to pick that up, that’s your job” faces.


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4. Praying that I’m not allocated to fitting room duty as I can already see the false tanned bodies carrying a clean, untouched white bodysuit to try on that they’re about to ruin. Highly likely that will the must have item this week!


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5. Don’t mind me, just trying to do my job so you can successfully shop here. The regular battle of making my way through the shop with an arm full of clothes.


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6. Hiding my badge with my hair hoping no one will ask me for help.


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7. Disheartened faces everywhere when you tell the shoppers certain items are unavailable and you almost feel like they want you to swear upon the bible that you are telling the truth.


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8. Can’t you wait until tomorrow (a less busy day) to bring back your jam-packed bag of items? Even though they’ve already ran over the 28 days. You either accept the gift card now or kick up a fuss, ask for a manager, then be told the exact same thing whilst the queue is doubling every few seconds.


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9. Six hours of my shift have passed, finally being able to take my dinner when I’m notified someone is on the counter waiting for me, broadcasting how rude it is to keep people waiting.


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10. Biting your tongue when the last shopper of the night comes in wanting something that was sold out hours ago but insists it was all of your fault.


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If you have to work this Black Friday, stay strong!


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