Sunderland Designer among top names at London Fashion Week

North East designer, Gareth Pugh who started his global career in the city of Sunderland is now celebrating his 10th anniversary. He has returned to London Fashion Week and also has an exhibition being held in name of his 10th year anniversary.

The innovative and creative designer fits perfectly with the Brazilian brand, Melissa that specialises in plastic collaborating together to make a shoe design that reflects Gareth’s work.

Gareth has expressed his love for plastic in the past, also working with other subversive materials such as Perspex and PVC: “I love the fact that is has such industrial connotations.

“The idea of making something beautiful from something that is generally used in a much more heavy-duty way is very interesting.

“It’s also an innately modern material and implies a mechanised method of production, which I think provides an interesting counterpoint to the labor-intensive handwork and historicism that is quite often present in my work”.

The exhibition is displayed in a monochromatic setting with a filmic backdrop, each set of ‘modern armour’ comes paired with a pair of Gareth Pugh and Melissa collaborated shoes on each mannequin. The exhibition is being held at Galeria Melissa in Covent Garden, London.






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