Sunderland divided over Pretty Little Thing advertisement ban

Online fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing has had its latest YouTube ad banned by the Advertising Standards Agency after Watchdog complains that it is “overly-sexualised.”

The advert featured a PLT model wearing vinyl shorts with holes cut around the bum and a bright coral bralette top, in an attempt to display festival fashion. The lack of clothing has sparked controversy, raising the question on whether it is appropriate.

Whether it was the clothes, the poses or the camera angles, the ad itself received a mixed public response.
Some agree with the ban saying that “it’s a little sexist”, whereas others believe there is no need for a ban as it is “pretty normal”.
Here at Fashion North we wanted to explore this controversy further and discover the responses of everyday people. So, we asked members of the public at Sunderland City centre what they thought of the advertisement ban.

By Grace Cassidy, Yasmin Defty, Caitlyn Mcadam and Brittany Heeley


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