Sunderland students to take part in Retail Sector day to help them onto the career ladder

The Bridges

The Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland

As part of the city’s Work Discovery Sunderland programme, young people are given the chance to attend a range of Sector Days, which showcase the variety of careers available across a particular industry.

On Thursday March 17, pupils from a number of the city’s secondary schools will take part in a Retail Sector Day, led by the Bridges shopping centre.

John Green, Retail Liaison Manager at the Bridges, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming students to the centre and giving them an insight into the history of the Bridges and how it has progressed.

“We will also provide information about the wealth of opportunities that a career in retail can offer. It’s certainly not just about working in a shop.”

Pupils will start the day touring the Bridges before moving to the National Skills Shop at Frederick Street, to take part in a number of sessions led by Sunderland-based Monumental Training.

Monumental Training prepare young people for a number of retail-related opportunities, including within the city’s Elephant Tea Rooms which gives them experience in the hospitality sector.

The National Skills Academy for Retail was established in Sunderland in 2015 and through its network of quality-marked skills shops and specialist trainers, it provides access to high quality training for retail business owners, employees and the future workforce.

Chris Hall, Monumental Training’s Director of Sales and Marketing, said: “All attendees will get to experience the retail sector by visiting Sunderland’s National Skills Shop for retail.

“They will get to meet apprentices currently working within the Skills Shop and get to experience how the shop operates on a day to day basis.”

Paul McEldon, co-chair of Work Discovery Sunderland, notes that the Retail Sector Day gave young people a great opportunity to see the variety of jobs available.

Mt McEldon said: “The day will give them a real insight into the many jobs that someone working in retail has access to.

“The pupils will get a behind-the-scenes look at how retail works and how they can progress in that sector.”

Work Discovery Sunderland was created by Sunderland’s Economic Leadership Board Business Schools Task Group and also runs Work Discovery Week, which helps students to develop their employability skills and get an insight into various industries before they embark on their careers.

The programme also includes a number of Guest Speaker Days where young people hear at first hand from successful business people about their career path.

Any business or organisation which would like be involved in this year’s Work Discovery Week – which runs from July 11 to 15 – is asked to contact Stephanie Rose at


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