Sunderland University Student gets creative to pay for Student life style

A business management third year has been embroidering t-shirts to give herself a bit of extra pocket money for university.

Rebekah Watson, 21, a third year Business management student at University of Sunderland, has always had a creative side. With previous work experience in sewing and embroidery from working as a costumer in Maine, America when she was struggling with money at university she used what she was good at to make money, it seemed the obvious choice as well as being a flexible business that fits around her studies and lectures.

Her tops tend to be plain white with quirky sayings or pictures embroidered onto them and she is willing to take specific orders. She says: “My favourite design I have done is the girl power t-shirt. I loved the Spice Girls growing up and this t-shirt is 100% inspired by them. With women making bigger statements in the media I think there is not better slogan to have than the spice girls.”

She sells the t-shirts for £15 through her Depop which is @rebekahchloe or through her Instagram where she will make personal orders @thestitchfix_

Rebekah says: “I love how creative you can get with it as well turning a basic white t-shirt into more of a statement”.

Rebekah took a break from embroidering the t-shirts over the summer as she was in America but reports as she is starting third year the “success is regrowing at the moment especially on the run up to Christmas!”

Rebekah has been embroidering for three years and selling her work for over a year but looks back on her creative side throughout life.

“I was definitely the arty kid at school and find it so relaxing to do anything creative. I am inspired by others creativity to be honest seeing how people can express themselves in such a creative way can be so cool! I think this has just given me the platform to project my personality.”

Looking towards the future Rebekah hopes to continue her embroidery work and combining it with her business management degree so she can continue to be creative and do what she loves while making it into a proper business.

And, the best part? She has made us our very own Fashion North Top:


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