The complete guide to men’s jewellery

It’s no secret many of the most recognisable male style icons (A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles and more) have used jewellery to set their looks apart for ages now.

And it seems the biggest fashion houses agree, with many of the best recent men’s runway looks being heavily accessorised with rings, chains and more. With brands like Margiela, Gucci, and Rick Owens all providing their unique take on men’s jewellery there are options for any kind of guy available.

However, the world of jewellery and accessories is one a lot of men have trouble breaking into, as accessorising as a man can have a very real stigma around it.

But when this stigma is broken, it can lead to much more stylish outfits for any man to look and feel better. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to know what accessories to buy for men with five easy categories, with our favourite picks and tips throughout.


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1: Watches

Starting with something of a classic, a watch is probably the category most men are comfortable with. In our opinion, every guy should have a dressy and casual option in their rotation.

For a sporty, casual look opt for a chunkier dive watch like the Citizen Promaster or a chronograph like the Timex Expedition.

For smarter occasions a slimmer silhouette is better, so Casio’s dupe of the Cartier Tank is an excellent affordable option, with the Seiko Presage being another great pick if you prefer to keep the round dial.

The best tip for watches is not to make the mistake of going too big, as this can make your lovely new piece look out of proportion and comical. Not everyone needs a 44mm case, if you have slimmer wrists look for options at 36 or 38mm to suit your body better.

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2: Rings

Rings are an effortless way to add to any outfit for extra flair. Gold and silver options are available for any preference, with gold being suited to warmer skin tones and silver to cooler ones.

Rings can also be tailored to be as minimal or maximal as the wearer is comfortable with, due to the abundance of brands out there, each with their own distinct aesthetics.

Clocks and Colours has our favourites for more traditional masculine styles, but Vitaly has some stylish picks for a more experimental or modern look.

Our best tip for rings is not to mix your metals, as gold paired with silver or copper can clash and make the aesthetic that you’re trying to create look messy.

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3: Necklaces                            

Necklaces have been a menswear staple for ages, from pendants to pearls to chains there are almost unlimited options for any style.

For a classic American Western look, Ralph Lauren is perfect, with a mix of different metals and stones available.

Etsy also has a vast selection, with Eijii being our personal favourite store on the platform, carrying traditional men’s pieces and more experimental, brutalist designs in a darker, oxidised silver finish.

The secret to styling a necklace is in the chain length. You don’t want it so short it looks like a choker, but it shouldn’t be hanging past your chest either. The sweet spot is having it hang around the collarbone for a chain, or a little lower for a pendant.


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4: Bracelets

Men’s bracelets aren’t rare to see but it’s rare to see them styled properly. In our opinion, a good bracelet should be simple and versatile, with none of the gaudy metal bangles that seem to be everywhere.

A basic brushed metal band, chain link or dark/matte fabric is best, still providing an extra something without being noisy in an outfit.

Etsy yet again have a great selection to choose from, with Wolf & Badger also having a wide range of styles available for any kind of guy out there.

The key to a good bracelet is minimalism in its styling. Also, if wearing a bracelet with a watch, make sure to wear it on a different wrist unless it’s just fabric, as repeated collisions with a metal bracelet can damage the internals of your watch and make it unreliable.

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5: Earrings

Earrings may be too much for a lot of guys but for those willing to branch out they can really add an edge to any look.

A single earring is recommended for most guys and has been seen on many male celebs such as Harry Styles, who has championed the men’s earring for a long time now.

Whether it’s a simple stud or a more expressive dangle there’s an earring out there for every type of guy, with H. Samuel carrying some excellent affordable picks, and Parts of Four selling some stylish industrial looks with a unique edge.

The trick with earrings is not to be afraid to be expressive and to try to find one that really suits the wearer as an earring is usually in for a long time, so finding one that matches the personality and vibe of the wearer is essential.


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