New year, new me: guide to a perfect leg day

Here at Fashion North, we understand it can be hard after Christmas when it is over and you want to start fresh. As the wellness editor, I wanted to explain that it’s okay to eat all the pigs in blankets and eat all the chocolates you need to enjoy the celebrations – your fitness can come later.

However, I understand if you want to continue working out, even if you’re a beginner. This guide to a perfect leg day will help you.

It can be scary going into a gym if you’re a beginner so this guide is very simple but effective as you don’t need to lift heavy. It’s all about the movement.

I’ve started off with Leg Day as this is my personal favourite. I love the burn and it is definitely the most rewarding; who doesn’t want a big booty?

With the help of a professional PT Lucy Aldridge, we rounded up the most simple but effective leg movements for this workout. This won’t take very long either, so don’t worry about being in the gym long or it taking up a lot of your day.


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In this video, I complete RDLs which is a simple movement but you will feel this in your gutless and hamstrings. As you can see I am using a barbell with weight on however don’t worry if you can’t use a barbell as it is intimidating. An alternative is just dumbbells.

Bulgarian split squats. I’m sorry. But you will not regret this movement! The growth I’ve seen in my glutes since doing the exercise has been insane. If you can’t use weight start with bodyweight to get used to the movement and this will help your balance.

After that, we have leg extensions which is a great overall leg exercise which works all your muscles. With this being a machine it’s super easy to use as it’s already set up for you.

Then my personal fave Sumo RDL / Squat hybrid. This movement may look a bit intimidating however if you struggle with RDLs or squats this is a perfect movement as it’s just hinging all the way back with a slight bend in your knees.

Finishing off with cable pull-throughs. This is another great glute exercise with it also going through to the hamstrings.

Again don’t feel the need to do this exercise to lose weight or anything – do it to feel good and move your body. When asking Lucy about the importance of strength training she said “The importance of strength training is to build strength support daily functions and promote longevity for your body”.

Fashion is still a huge part of fitness as different outfits work better for different workouts. In this leg session, I wore the best booty shorts from DFYNE. 

Then a pump cover top never goes a miss from White Fox.

However, I never wear shoes for leg days as you will have more stability.

Let us know at @fashion_north how you found the workout and what your 2024 goals are! Also, check out Lucy’s @lucyaldrigdgefitness account for some advice.


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