The Korean weird eyebrow gel extensions that have gone viral

Words by Lucy McLaren

Everyone is going crazy about this trend that is going around about eyebrow gel extensions? What are they? Where do they come from?

Forget going to the salon and micro blading. Vogue Korea recently posted a video of the new eyebrow gel extensions that is going to transform your brows. The internet suddenly went mad for this new trend but will this product be the way to achieving perfect Cara Delevingne brows by one product?

#신기한뷰티월드 🌟 눈썹 숱이 없어 고민이라면? 한 올 한 올 붙인 것 같은 #리얼리 의 ‘아이브로우 익스텐션’에 주목하세요. 일명 ‘바르는 눈썹 가발’로, 마치 내 눈썹 같은 리얼한 연출을 도와줍니다👀 젤 속에 담겨있는 화이버 눈썹을 브러시로 퍼서 연출하는데, 젤이 마르면서 실제 눈썹과 똑같은 효과를 준답니다✨ 눈썹 앞머리만 세워 채워도 좋고, 뒷부분만 붙여도 좋아요. 땀과 물에 강한 워터프루프라 더욱 안심하고 사용할 수 있습니다💛 (✍🏼Juyeon Woo) – Considering the fact that eyebrows are face’s natural frame, how your eyebrows look can determine how the rest of your face looks. Try #Reallyyy’s eyebrow extension to fill your empty brow area.

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Thicker brows withought the months of growing and pain, will this be possible?

This Korean product is made out of a translucent gel mixed with fibre’s that act like hair that are supposed to stick to the natural brow and make the brow look more full and shaped. In Vogue Korea’s caption, it suggests not placing the fibres anywhere but the end of your eyebrow to fill in any sparse areas. The product comes with a brush that is attached to the pot at the bottom of the product that contains the hair like fibres. This product is rumoured to come out in the UK but is already on sale in the US retailing for $22.54 but it is originally retailed in Korea.

Famous YouTubers started to review the product and test it out. Nicki Tutorials tested this weird product out in one of her recent videos. Her reaction to the brow product didn’t go down very well as she said in her video: “when you apply them it is really hard to manoeuvre them into place and to really get them to sit where you want them to sit”. She also mentioned that is a very time-consuming product and takes a while to apply.

If you don’t want to pay any customs charge or crazy prices from the US there are similar products out there that works similar to the ‘Reallyyy brow extensions’.

The next top three options work a treat to people who would like to thicken up their brows.



  1. Glossier boy brow – £14

This product is very similar to the eyebrow extensions. This product thickens, fills in the brows and grooms them into place. It comes in four shades blonde, brown, black and clear.

  1. Kiko Milano – Eyebrow fibres coloured mascara – £7.20

This product is great if you want thicker fuller brows, a mascara wand is perfect for brushing through sparse brows making them fuller for the perfect brow look. This product comes in six shades. 01 Light blondes, 02 Blondes and red hairs, 03 Brunettes, 04 auburns, 05 Deep brunettes and 06 Black-haired.


  1. Essence Make me brow Eyebrow gel mascara – Bonny brows 02 – £2.50

This product is a 3 -in- 1 colour that is suited for all brows. The tinted gel like formula contains tiny hair fibres that make the brows look fuller and thicker.


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