The modern twist on the blazer

Blazers have always been a popular choice of clothing since they began to emerge in the early 19th century, with an air of business and smartness surrounding them but recently, oversized blazers have become a fashion favourite, especially amongst young people as they have begun to take a modern twist on them.

The combination of blazers, in this case, mainly baggy, straight cut jeans or fun coloured trousers, makes for an updated look of the blazer, reclaiming its popularity, not just within the workplace but also for everyday life as well as becoming an influential look for a night out. It provides comfort while also being well dressed; the variety of what the blazer works with makes it so favourable for all ages.

Anett Nompere,  27, originally from Estonia, but now works and lives in Gateshead.

She has to wear the clothes she does for work, but the jeans and the Vans create a more modern and casual look, and she finds wearing outfits like these “comfortable”. 

Blazer – Primark

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – VANS

Joe Newton, 17, from Whitley Bay, a business student from Newcastle College.

He likes to seem polite and approachable in the way he dresses with comfort being important to him, as well as uniqueness stating he “hates dressing like other people”.

Trousers – Charity shop

Blazer – Jack Wills

Shirt – Next

Shoes – Adidas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Kate Anderson, 17, from Sunderland, a sixth form student.

Where to get similar items of clothing:

Ahja Henriksen – Grant, 19, from Wigan originally but living in Newcastle while at University.

Blazer – Charity shop

Trousers – Ralph Lauren

Top – Monki

Shoes – PUMA

Similar clothing:

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