The most needless bags of 2019

This week Fashion North took a trip to Topshop at Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle to see the bags that have been filling the high street this new year. These are the ones that caught our attention… for the wrong reasons.

The Furry One

What if it rains? Then you’re stuck lugging around a wet, matted fur-ball.


Teddy Faux Fur Bucket Bag, £25


The Mini One

You wouldn’t even be able to fit a modern-day sized mobile in there. When they say mini, they sure aren’t kidding.


Goa Mini Crocodile Bowler Bag, £25


The Clear One

This one we can’t get our head around. Giving every passer by an open invitation to view the contents of your bag… and receiving an open invite to view the contents of everybody else’s. No, thanks.

Madrid Medium PU Bowler Bag, £27


 Lola Clear Frame Grab Bag, £20


The Belt Bag

We guess it’s handy because you don’t have to hold it? ‘Look! No hands!’


Cheetah Belt Bag, £22


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