The original IT girl: Daphne Blake puts the cool in coolsville

Before there was Calabasas there was Coolsville. The original IT girl Daphne Blake was doing it before the Kardashians ever could.

With both Scooby Doo and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed being added to Netflix this month we pay homage to the ultimate Scooby style icon Daphne Blake. She is a fashion icon and we won’t hear of anything disputing the fact.

When Sarah Michelle Gellar took on the role of Daphne, the sleuth famous for her red hair and love of all things pink and purple, she moved from simple cartoon character to culture and style icon. Throughout the two movies Daphne steals the scene with killer clothes, practical accessories and an enviable collection of pink patent leather boots.

Credit: Screengrab from Netflix

Showing off her matching custom Louis Vuitton luggage, comprised of SEVEN Alzer hard side suitcases (which start at over £5000 for the standard monogram pattern) and a £3100 Louis Vuitton hard side Beauty case, Daphnes £40,000 luggage set far outweighs that of the KarJenners. Pristinely styled with a matching A-line belted coat dress, in some luxurious fabric like cashmere no doubt, purple oval sunglasses and matching headband Daphne is ready to enjoy her complimentary champagne and a flick through the duty-free from her First Class seat onboard Spooky Airlines.

As a situational dresser, Daphne could never wear the same outfit when she landed at Spooky Island, instead choosing a more climate-appropriate outfit of flared purple trousers and pink halterneck top, with oversized brim straw hat and tassel bag.

Credit: Warner Brothers

Daphne was also way ahead of the game with the Athleisure movement seen here wearing a jersey miniskirt and track jacket co-ord with matching purple strappy heels. Being a black belt in karate and extremely stylish the practical mix of athleisure suits her perfectly.

Cushnie A/W 2019 l0oks from New York Fashion week are right up Daphne’s street too. One of the looks seems to have been directly inspired by Daphne at the Coolsville Museum Opening.

Credit: @Cushnie twitter/ Warner Brothers

Daphne’s clever mix of 70s disco and 90s chic makes her the ultimate style icon. She proves that having a signature colour can work and that wearing various shades of purple every day doesn’t have to be boring.

Daphne Blake’s perfectly collated outfits make her one of the most fashionable fictional characters of all time. With influencer level style and the money to back it up Daphne in real life would no doubt be the Kim Kardashian of the detective world.

Calabasas? No thanks, I’d rather Coolsville. 


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