The ultimate spring summer bag spill

With the warm summer breeze just right around the corner and the sun making an appearance more than ever, it’s time to pack up the thick scarves and knitted beanies that have served us well during the cold winter days because this spring, it’s all about showing your latest shades, looking great while wearing lipstick without the cold winter wind ruining it over and over again but most of all to show off what your upcoming summer reading list will be because nothing is better than soaking under the sun with a great book in your arm.

This anticipated mood that everyone’s looking forward to has inspired our summer/spring flat lays. It’s time we get up close and personal to what look for what’s going to be in my bag this summer.

We can rarely go out without a bag, and if we do, it leaves us worried and somewhat stressed as there is nothing worse than feeling that my items are missing all the time. However, when we do take a bag out, you best know that our go-to bag is the old faithful tote bag. You might see them every day nowadays and think that they are basic, call it what you want, but tote bags have served a special place in my heart.

They are versatile, sustainable and all-rounder items that everyone needs in their closet. The best part of it all is that they are big enough to fit in all your essentials too. Think of it as Hermione’s handbag in Harry Potter, only this time with much more flair and a bit more stylish.

For this spring and summer, make your tote bag the number one go-to carry on to hold your essentials, and I’m sharing mine that I thought would be worth mentioning.

The go-to totebag. Picture Credit : Charmaine Shaharin

Bag spotlight-Student Journey complimentary totebag from UOS

I have to admit, my tote bag might not be much to look at but it’s one of my favourites and it does its job when it comes to storing all my items, especially when I’m out and about in town or when I need to buy some groceries. This tote bag is conventional, not to mention I’m also limiting myself to use one tote bag for the most occasion to save carbon footprint for cotton and avoid wastages. It’s true what they say you know, you need at least one good shoe to get you going and it works the same way for my bag. So what’s inside it most of the time apart from my phone and wallet? Let’s find out.

Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas and  a copy of Vogue Magazine

I do a lot of reading in my spare time, especially when it comes to waiting for the metro. Therefore, I can *not* forget my essential reading items in my tote bag as I also made a promise to myself to read more non-fiction content in this upcoming year. Fashionopolis gives an in-depth explanation about the price of fast fashion and the future of our clothes. It’s a good read but sometimes it can be overwhelming to know the impact of fast fashion on our earth to water down all the seriousness, this is when my Vogue magazine comes in handy for some light reading.

Body Shop Shea Butter hand cream

Just like hand sanitisers, I have always believed that hand creams were just as important, especially to keep your hands smooth and soft. I tend to have dry hands most of the time and the Bodyshop’s Shea Butter hand cream has helped me a lot in the process. Just like its sweet name, it gives out a sweet fragrance too. What’s there not to like about it? If you’re interested, try it now for only £12 at The Body Shop.

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Plucker Lip Gloss 

Rain or shine, snow or hail, this lip gloss needs to be on my lips. Not only is it long-lasting, but its redness brings out the youthfulness to my look and my outfit. It’s going to be a real lifesaver for this upcoming summer, and you will not catch me without it on. Get it here for £9 on Boots.

JVC Gumy Truly Wireless Headphones 

These are my lucky headphones, I found them in an uber on a night out at Newcastle one day and ever since then they’ve been essential for me. They’re on my ears most of the time, especially when I’m on public transport. Not to mention, I love how they are white too, making them perfect to match with any outfit. They are the best pair of headphones that won’t break your bank as they cost only £29 in Argos.


With the gloomy weather slowly drifting away as the sun breaks through the clouds, my sunglasses will be in my tote bag. I got these in a hue brown shade in a thrift shop back home in Malaysia. I liked them because of how they looked like something straight out of the 80s too.

Handy Claw Clip

They were never in trend but are slowly making their way to be from now on. It’s an essential item to have, especially for the gals with long hair, and as one of those girls, I would need them ready with me at all times.


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