Show the sales who’s boss! Your guide to surviving Black Friday

If you’re planning on shopping this Black Friday, you may want to memorise these tips to become a real winner.



  • Wearing suitable clothes, like a thin top, therefore going into the fittings rooms is not necessary when trying on jumpers, blouses or coats.
  • Often arriving at 6am may not work in your favour. Many stores have deliveries after 12pm, which may include the item you so desperately want. Does the early bird really catch the worm?
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  • Prioritise a list of shops to visit so you can catch the best bargains. Take into consideration, some shops may not be participating in the sale therefore you could waste a 5/10 minute walk when you could be spending it surrounded by the cheap deals.

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  • Do your research. Several sites post the items that will be on sale so you don’t have to run around like a lunatic finding a shop assistant.
  • Black Friday or Secret Saturday? Rumour has it, the Saturday after Black Friday is the best day to catch the discounts.
  • Get your friends involved! Allocate each of you a shop to go in and find the garments you’re craving.
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  • If you’re shopping for Christmas presents, buy multiple sizes. Better safe than sorry!

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