Throwback Thursday: How many of these trends do you remember?

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We’ve picked out some things that we miss and it’s about time we embraced again, it’s safe to say that some trends of the 90s can stay put and never make an appearance again.

Do you remember those stretchy tops that looked like they’d fit a 2 year old? Yep, those itchy crinkle tops – I’m looking at you – don’t make a come back!

Flares: When I bought my first pair of skinny jeans I vowed never to wear jeans that flared out to cover my toes again. Usually the backs were ripped to shreds from being trodden on too many times but I just think there’s something so sophisticated about bootleg jeans, especially with heels – at least it would stop me from standing on the back!

Turtle Necks: Justin Timberlake really was a style icon back in the 90s wasn’t he? I’m glad he’s got to grips with his fashion these days but what’s stopping us take a couple of leaves out of his book? A cosy turtleneck would be perfect for these winter days. Pair with a scarf for an extra warm neck!

Zig Zag Hair Bands: I’m not entirely sure what these are called but I remember my favourite being purple and glittery. Perhaps these day’s I’d go for something a little more subtle but scraping hair back into a high pony just got a whole lot easier with one of these!

Roller Blades: Those retro roller blades just look so cool and I wish I had more balance whenever I wore a pair. In my back-garden we had half grass and half concrete slabs – neither good for roller blades so I didn’t get good enough use out of mine back then.

BFF Necklaces: It was official; you weren’t true BFFs unless you had a necklace to prove it. I made them with jewellery making kits and I’m pretty sure I gave out far too many to remember. I wonder if anyone is still wearing the other half of me?

Jelly Bracelets: You all remember these in the playground right? Swapping them with friends, twisting them around to make fancy bracelets crossing over and mixing colours! I think we could bring these back and with a few charms they’d looked great stacked high up our arms.

Crimped Hair: Back to the Lizzie McGuire days when crimped hair was the thing! I remember a tool I had that had three changeable heads: crimped, extra crimped and straight. Let’s not even get started on the zig zag partings!

Double Denim: There’s double denim, then there’s Britney and Justin’s take on double denim. Perhaps we don’t miss this much denim at once, but wearing a denim jacket with a pair of jeans wouldn’t go amiss would it? Take with a pinch of salt and do your own take on the Spears-Timberlake iconic outfit.

Halter Tops: I remember having one in every colour and pattern. The only thing is though, you can’t wear a bra so have the nipple covers at the ready!

Pleated Skirts: Ah, Clueless. These preppy, tartan, pleated skirt outfit are so wrong they’re right. Released 20 years ago next year (wow), who would have thought the high school rom-com that’s just as old as us would still be giving us style tips?

Mood Rings: Every place I went on holiday I always bought one of these from the gift shop. I’m sure if I were to wear one now though it would be screaming RED about the amount of pressure I put on myself with all this uni work!



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