Trend Alert and Look Book: 90’s Street Style

Filtering into high street shops such as Newlook, River Island and Topshop it is no surprise this Central Perk Chic trend is fast becoming one of the hottest looks for Summer.

From Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez, stars jumped on the latest trend at this year’s Met Gala. From chunky hiking boots to Tamagotchis, the 90’s influence saw no limits at one of fashion’s greatest anticipated red carpet events.

The streets of Newcastle are definitely no exception to the new craze, as walking around it is hard to ignore the influences of Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. Stripes, denim and chunky Dr.Martens flood the streets and local cafe’s and show that 90’s nostalgia is not leaving our lives any time soon.

Bethany Warner, 18, said: “90’s fashion had so many signature looks, from Kurt Cobain’s oversized grunge look to the Spice Girls’ pop of colour, it’s really an era of fashion transcendence.”

Alex Charlton, 19, said: “I picked Kate Moss as my inspiration because her style is so effortless and well who doesn’t want to look like Kate Moss.

“It wasn’t about trying to fit in with everyone else, you have the Spice Girls who are all neon colours and then you get the Gallaghers in weird sunglasses and ugly shirts, I liked how anything goes.”

Whether it’s Kate Moss grunge or Jennifer Anniston coffee shop catch up with friends style, get yourself to the high street and join in on the 90s hype this summer!  

Words: Alexandra Willingham


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