Tried and tested: Lush Cosmetics Montalbano Shampoo Bar


After all of those Christmas parties your hair can seem limp, lifeless and in need of a freshen up.

I felt like I had been kissed by Mother Nature herself, in fact no, snogged when I first picked up the round, yellow, soap like bar of handmade heaven. I was surprised and intrigued to learn that it was in fact shampoo and not soap – and instantly had to try it.

The Montalbano Shampoo Bar from Lush Cosmetics is made from entirely natural resources including olives, rosemary absolute and lemon pieces.

The first thing that hits you about the product is its distinct smell. The citrusy bar of lemon infused hair cleanser gave a sweet, but not overpowering scent to not only my hair but my bathroom.

For maximum effect and a thick plentiful lather, simply rub the bar straight on to the scalp and then massage it through the hair as normal gave a deep clean. The smell was intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough of it and had to wash my hair a second time just for the sheer pleasure of it. I found that my hair was refreshed, smooth, bright and knot free even before I had applied conditioner.

The next day I could not stop smelling my hair, it was like an aphrodisiac, I became obsessed.

What’s even better than the price tag of £5.75 is that it is completely natural, free from animal testing, and leaves your hair with a lustrous shine and incredibly soft texture.


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