Tried and tested: Make-Up Revolution’s Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette

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As the Christmas season is over,our bank accounts have been well and truly diminished, cutting costs is more essential than ever before. This may not be the time of year to be treating yourself, but you did work extra hard over Christmas, right? So a little treat couldn’t hurt anyone? If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new eyeshadow palette but theUrban Decay Naked palette is outof your price range, we’ve tried and tested a cheaper alternative.

Make-Up Revolution’s Iconic 3 palette, is the perfect dupe to Urban Decay’s Naked 3, which has been a favourite among make-up artists and bloggers for over a year.

The palette contains only 12 shades but at a bargain price of just £4.00 I’m sure you won’t complain. It ranges from light to dark, starting with cream and finishing with dark brown, the shades vary from glitter to matte to suit any eye.

All shades are highly pigmented with good colour pay-off when applied. The eye shadows all blend beautifully when applied on top of a base. One thing that really stood out compared to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette was that there was very minimal fall out compared to UD, which makes this palette a winner.

Our verdict:

The Budget Make-up Revolution palette wins, the £4.00 price tag is a steal compared to the £37 price tag of Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, and the products are just as good if not better!


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