Following Chanel’s Reincarnation video, we reincarnate our look



Karl Lagerfeld recently released Chanel’s latest fashion film; Reincarnation and inspiration flew through us. We  chose four university students to reincarnate themselves. University is a new chapter in a persons life, they get the chance to study subjects they have never studied  before and they grow as a person. University is a chance to recreate yourself, so why not embrace it?

From the students we chose, we asked them what looks they usually wear and what looks they stay away from, we then asked them to don these usually avoidable looks for a photoshoot to let you and themselves see what a reincarnation can do to your wardrobe.

Elliott: “For me, printed trousers are a big issue. I’m fine with maximalist t-shirts and shirts because they’re nothing out of the blue. But as soon as the attention is drawn to the bottom half, that’s when I start to feel conscious about my look.”

Danielle: “Being small has always been an issue for me so it was time to switch up my wardrobe and give myself a new look. Wearing midi dresses just screams how petite I am to the world but I need to over come my fear and venture out.”

Beth: “I wanted a change from my uniform of black jeans so I made more effort with this outfit. Taking a little extra time I decided on this spotty smock dress and black boots. This is still a simple outfit, and the oversized size keeps it comfortable, but it makes a nice change from my usual attire.”

Ellie: “My fashion statement is usually all black everything. Recently I’ve tried out floaty numbers that take me out of my comfort zone in a good way. Now I feel like a Disney princess.”

Why don’t you try stepping out of your comfort zone and reincarnating yourself? Tweet us your new look to @Fashion_North


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