Tried and tested: The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel

Tea Tree

Spots are always the bane of a young person’s life and there is a solution that finally works. The Tea Tree Blemish Gel that The Body Shop offer does the job amazingly. One quick dab of the product on your spots and they’ll be sorted in no time.

Scented products are usually harsher on the skin than perfume-free ones but this naturally-scented spot remover is harsh in the best ways. The product offers to instantly soothe and cool your skin without over-drying your skin.

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is often advised by piercing shops to be used by customers to help keep their piercings disinfected. This same theory applies with this product. Spots are notorious for being spread by the bacteria they secrete in the oils, so using this product helps stop spreading them and reduces them.

So, if you’re in need of a spot rescue remedy we recommend this Tea Tree Oil stick from The Body Shop, priced at £6 it’s definitely worth the price tag.


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