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We’ve all heard the chilling horror stories that surround coloured lenses, which ironically peak in sales around Halloween time. However, more and more celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing them as part of their daily beauty routine.

Reality star Kylie Jenner has recently snapped selfies on her Instagram wearing her grey lenses and even Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has been captured displaying her new eye colour too.

We decided to seek advice about the colour prescription lenses and whether or not the myths involving them were true.

Optician, Charles McBride, said: “As long as they are purchased from a reputable lens provider the coloured lenses have no harmful effects to your eyes and are exactly the same as wearing normal prescription contact lenses.”

However, some lenses that aren’t sold by a trusted provider can be dangerous to your eye health causing infections and other sight complications.

Mr. McBride explained: “When you buy lenses from anywhere else but through safe providers there’s no guarantee that the solution preserving the contacts is 100 per cent sterile. I would advise people to go through their local optician rather than take a chance”.

Buying coloured lenses online, like buying anything online, presents itself with a certain degree of risk, however in this case when it involves your eye sight and your health, it’s not worth it.

Consulting a professional optician about when it comes to non prescription cosmetic lenses is the safest way to finding the right pair for you.

Youtuber and celebrity makeup artist, Joseph Harwood, said: “Many of the top beauty bloggers have definitely been seen wearing coloured lenses more frequently, you only have to look at Desio’s Instagram to see how many photos they have re-blogged of these beauty giants and as their popularity grows the fans emulate the trends.

“They are, on one hand, an absolutely fun accessory to play with but I think there is an undercurrent of wanting to obtain traditionally western features, which I think is sad”.

Joseph recently posted a video on his account, JHMemories about the trend and why he wears coloured contact lenses, the 24 year old explains: “I personally have found them more economical, they last longer and I choose the colour to create a specific look”.

To find out first hand, Fashion North writer, Josie Bell, tested out the trend for herself. After following the correct procedure of attending a full eye health and refractive check and contact lens consultation and fitting, she chose to test out the Freshlook Colourblends in grey.

Here are the results before and after.


If you are thinking about trying coloured contact lenses for yourself click here for the link to the Specksavers website.

If you would like to tell us directly what you think, whether they should be left till Halloween or if you use them in your daily routine tweet us @fashion_north.


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    Yes definitely glared spectacles help a lot. However, would additionally be better to take artificial tears intermittently while working especially in front of the computer screens.

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