Tried and Tested Tuesday: Dior Rouge Lipstick


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The Christian Dior counter in Debenhams Sunderland is a little slice of couture heaven, every girl needs a designer lipstick in their collection, it just makes you feel look if you have something luxurious on.

I picked up Dior’s Rouge Zinnia 743 (first shade on left pictured).

For fellow pale/fair skin toned women, this looked like the perfect shade for the current dark lip winter beauty trend.

As I applied the lipstick my reaction was a little surprising; this wasn’t the deep tone I was looking at in the lipstick tube but the finishing look was satisfying – my lips were now a shade of hot pink/red in a matte texture that packed a peachy punch.

I couldn’t pinpoint a smell with this lipstick – but who cares when your complexion has been warmed up and looked flawless with such a nice rosy hue?

A couple hours passed and lipstick still managed to stay in place – no smudges on my chin or lipstick on my teeth as I ate dinner or drank several cups of tea.

Yes, the lipstick had faded a little but the colour was still noticeable and didn’t need another coat.

Overall, I’m happily surprised at how long this collection of Christian Dior lipsticks can hold for. For £26, it might be a little pricey but if it’s going to last you throughout the day then why not? J’adore Dior!


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