Turn your dog into something spooky with these Halloween Costumes

"Does my bum look big in this?" Pet-Bliss, £22
Mr. T
"Quit ya jibber jabber!" Pup-a-razzi, £24
"I'm no angel!" Top, £36
"BANANA!" MCS, £15.99
"Who ya gonna call?!" Fancy Me, £24.99
"It's alive!" California Costume, £15.99
Bride of Frankenstein
"I think I wanna marry you!" California Costume, £15.99
Attention all dog lovers! Put down your brooms, take out your fangs and pull off those bat wings. We’ve got some Halloween costumes for your pooch so they can be the hottest dog on the street. From the classic Frankenstein to Mr. T, we’ve found the sassiest and scariest outfits to fit even largest of Great Danes. All outfits are available to buy on amazon.co.uk.




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