We test out winter ankle boots so you don’t have to

New Look

With winter firmly on it’s way, a good, comfy and of course fashionable pair of boots is our wardrobe must-have.

As Fashion North’s shopping editor, I decided to test out a pair of ankle boots on a day trip to Newcastle.

This year I seemed to spend hours trying on countless pairs of boots trying to find a pair that ticked all the right boxes. I wanted a pair that was both stylish and comfy, and these chunky cleated sole Chelsea boots from New Look just seemed to fall onto my feet. The boots are priced at a reasonable £24.99 and are available in both black and white.

I’m a little weary when it comes to wearing any type of heels for a long period of time, especially when it involves a lot of standing around.  So the decision to wear these heeled boots knowing I would be away from the comfort of my heated sheep slippers for a number of hours did scare me a little.

I am pleased to say they survived 11 hours – yes 11 – of walking, standing, some typical British weather, oh and some running for a train all in one day and they live to tell the tale, and more importantly so do my feet.

The comfort of these boots mainly falls down to their platform style; the added height at the sole makes such a difference when it comes to keeping our feet pain free. For those of you scared the ‘clumpy’ appearance of these boots would leave you feeling like you had weights attached to your feet rather than a pair of shoes – fear not.

The fact that these boots haven’t been flung to the back of my wardrobe like so many others that failed to keep my feet blister free is the ultimate seal of approval, and they look great – added bonus.

In this case the saying pain is beauty isn’t right, because with these boots, comfort is beauty and these bad boys have quickly become my favourite pair of footwear.


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