Why always sticking to your style is best: A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding inspo

The sequel to A Christmas Prince has recently been added to Netflix and, while it’s had some pretty bad reviews, it did teach us one thing: always stick to the style you love.

The first film was a big hit last year during the festive season following the journey of Amber (Rose McIver), a journalist and blogger who sneaks her way into the palace of Aldovia to get the scoop on a dashing prince who (spoiler) she falls in love with. 

With main character Amber not having the most stylish of wardrobes, the royal family in the film are constantly trying to change up her look to make her more… well, royal.

Throughout the film she is still found wearing her standard casual t-shirts and shorts paired with a simple pair of jeans and often a cardigan.

However, her winter wardrobe is slightly better than the outfits in the first film. There is a combination of pastel pinks, blues and greys.

At a party in the new film, she wears a red lace formal dress which we at Fashion North think would be a perfect Christmas outfit.

The ‘change your style’ drama begins when Amber is given her wedding dress design. It’s a huge victorian style dress with an extravagant embellished veil that she can’t see through, accompanied by heels that she can’t walk in. Amber replies with “I was thinking something a little more simple,” “more me” and “contemporary.”


She is also made to wear a blue velvet long sleeved dress for the royal photos. While it was very luxurious, she claimed she couldn’t breathe in it. The royal family then made her take off her locket, which had sentimental value, to replace it with a huge, flashy one that was part of the crown jewels. This was the final straw for us.

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In the end, Amber gets to wear a much more subtle dress for the wedding. It’s a silk white gown with a v-neck cut and long sleeves. She even pairs it with TRAINERS. This wouldn’t be a choice we’d go for, but that’s Ambers quirky style. 

This reminded us at Fashion North that, while we might not be queens or even princesses, we should always wear the style that we feel comfortable in.

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