Could this yellow Zara coat be the most popular coat ever?

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You’ve probably seen it lurking about somewhere, it’s the coat that everyone has been talking about and you can’t miss it!

It’ll be on passers by, in store or even online. This coat is EVERYWHERE.

If you haven’t already seen it, we’re shocked, it’s a mustard colour quilted coat with a faux fur collar and a hidden hood as seen here, for the price of £59.99

A representative from Zara Metro Centre said: “We sell about 60-80 of the coats a day. We knew it was going to be popular as it was in such high demand last year but we didn’t expect this.

“Black Friday was crazy we must have sold over 100 per day as we had 20% off.”

Carlie Finn, Beauty Therapist from Chester-Le-Street said: “I bought it because I loved the colour and I think blondes suit that colour and I love the style. It’s also so warm and cosy so that’s a major plus.

“When I first bought it I had only seen one person in it and now I pass loads of people in it and we always laugh or give each other a funny look when we pass.”



What are your thoughts on the coat? Have you seen this coat anywhere?

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