Fashion Insiders video themselves walking to raise awareness of climate change issues

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Following the recent climate change conference in Paris, celebrities in the fashion industry are posting videos of themselves walking on Instagram using the hashtag #climatecatwalk.

Among those who have posted are Mario Testino, Natalia Vodianova and Jefferson Hack. Even British Vogue has joined in with the online initiative featuring a series of photographs from their archives of models walking from left to right.

In an effort to raise awareness of the issues of global warming, the messages behind the videos are to represent people walking towards a more sustainable future.

The videos are captioned on social media with the hashtags: #COP21 #ClimateCatwalk and #ClimateMarch.

The United Nations climate change conference aims are for heads of state who gathered in Paris to come to a legal agreement on our climate regarding the world wide problem of global warming.

Mario Testino’s brother, Giovanni Testino, and his partner, Amber, started the idea as a means of expressing their concerns after the cancellation of a climate change rally a few days ago due to the Paris terror attacks earlier this month.

Amber Testino told WWD: “We thought, why don’t we reach out to people in our industry and call them to be part of an online march? If people don’t wake up and say something about this or do something about this, we’re going to miss the chance and it’s going to be too late”.

Click here to check out Fashion North’s #climatecatwalk and tweet us your climate march @Fashion_North.



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