Your favourite new drink: The Fashion North Cocktail

Did someone say signature cocktail? Fashion North redefines seasonal spirit…

There’s a secret to finding the perfect pair of party heels… They should be fun while still being practical, aesthetics are essential but not at the cost of enjoyment, and finally, after all that, they should leave you with a warm merry feeling. In a way, it’s a lot like finding the perfect cocktail!

Fashion North Cocktail

Fashion North has teamed up with Blacks Corner, a specialty eatery and wine bar in East Boldon, to create the signature Fashion North Cocktail, worthy of the most haute of holiday hosting.

The Fashion North Cocktail is pink, fruity, and sassy… just like us! It’s the perfect drink to reflect our fun, creative content, and our equally beautiful readers.

Thomas West, a member of the management team at Blacks Corner, guided us through the creative process as we selected and curated our signature spirit.

He said: “The secret to creating the a well balanced cocktail is choosing your spirits wisely. For this cocktail, we’ve created a blend of sweet, fruity and fresh ingredients.

“The most important step is in the pour, or should I say shake. Always add your spirits from light to dark, and in this case, finish with the fizz of the raspberry lemonade.”

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The ingredients

  • 50ml Sipsmith Sloe Gin 2018
  • Three to Four dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • 25ml of sugar syrup
  • Top with raspberry lemonade
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Slice of orange
  • Edible flower

First, grab your fanciest most frivolous glassware- and chill it.

If you’re after those immaculate fancy, floral, and fashionista vibes then it all starts with the glass. We chose a crystal coupe, but you can choose your own base, just make sure you fill it with ice, swirl it and let it chill ready for our signature cocktail.

Sweet over sour.

Once you’ve found the perfect glass, coat the rim by rolling it into a puddle of honey and dipping it into sugar.

Shake…don’t stir.

We’re unconventional, we can’t hide it. The spirit, bitters, and syrup are added to a cocktail shaker, filled with ice and you guessed it… shaken to mix. The drink is then strained into the glass and topped with ice-cold raspberry lemonade, giving it its signature pink colour.

Finishing touches… Looks matter.

Garnish with a slice of orange and an edible flower and you’ve got yourself a Fashion North Cocktail. Perfect for any event or season. It’s fashionable and totally yummy.

Serve with music a la mode.

Cocktails can only get you so far. To top off a night of bubbles, bars, and ambiance, you need a bop… or two. Here at Fashion North, we’re nothing if not accommodating so we’ve also sorted your background playlist. The perfect blend of festivities and fashion.

Will you be making The Fashion North Cocktail at home? Let us know and tag us in your pictures @Fashion_North on Instagram.


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