Youtuber, Anna Saccone-Joly, Launches Zodiac Necklaces


Popular YouTuber and Blogger, Anna Saccone-Joly, has launched her own jewellery range.

The collection, which launched this week, features the 12 Zodiac symbols on a coin pendant necklace.

She made the announcement on her YouTube channel on the anniversary of her Dad’s Birthday, as the necklaces are based on a piece of jewellery that she inherited from her father – a gold coin necklace with the Scorpio star sign.

In her video, she explained that she was born the day before her Dad, who got the original necklace from his mother in Italy, meaning they share the same Zodiac sign.

When the necklaces, which are a replica of her fathers, launched on, the site crashed due to the high volume of traffic trying to access the collection. Fans of the YouTuber, who has 797,000 subscribers, tweeted as the site went down.



The necklaces come with a choice of chain length and are available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

Tim Bibow, CMO of Stilnest, said of the site crashing: “This love was – literally – overwhelming. Our team planned a launch get-together for the evening. In the end, the pizza got cold, the beer got warm, and really everybody was on customer support all night long to keep people smiling. It paid off. Our expectations have been exceeded, not only regarding traffic.”

The collection is available to buy now from

Will you be adding an Anna Saccone-Joly necklace to your Christmas list this year?

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