10 beauty tricks to tackle sleep deprived skin

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We all know that late nights of studying (or partying) can take their toll on our skin the next morning, so Fashion North have teamed up with 21-year-old Georgia Cotton, a local MUA from Sunderland, to create a guide to help you revitalise the look of your skin in 10 easy ways.

1: Take your make-up off the night before. “Leaving your make-up on can cause all your pores to clog up, which leads to getting blackheads and spots, which can develop into acne. When you’re sleeping your full body is recovering itself which includes your skin. Leaving make-up on your face can also cause your skin to age quicker.”

Georgia uses: make-up wipes for the majority of her make-up, a rinse of warm water and then Clarins cleanser and toner, £24.50

2: Drink plenty of water. “I always have a glass of water on a morning – which is really important to keep hydrated. Dehydration really shows on your skin and can make you look really tired. It’s really good to drink water the night before as well to give you a better night sleep.”

3: Take a hot shower. “I have a hot shower every morning to wake me up. Not everyone always has time for a shower in the morning so to get that fresh look its always good to rinse your face with hot water especially around your eyes to get your circulation going, which can help minimise dark circles under your eyes.”

4: Exfoliate. “I have eczema so I suffer terribly in the winter with my skin. I exfoliate twice a week to get a rid of dead skin cells and then moisturise every morning and night to help my skin stop feeling sore and irritated.”

5: Moisturise your skin. “If you don’t moisturise this can cause all sorts of problems for your skin like redness, wrinkling and dryness. Moisturising keeps your skin hydrated and if you’re like me, with dry and sensitive skin especially in the winter, would definitely recommend moisturising daily. If you have oily skin and feel like moisturiser makes you look more shiny then you can get oil free moisturiser.”

Georgia uses: A moisturising primer layered underneath foundation.


 6: Apply concealer to hide dark circles and highlight. “Apply your concealer in a triangle shape. A pinky tone concealer is good to hide dark circles, and a lighter colour than your skin tone is good for highlighting. I always dab/pat my concealer on (beauty blenders are best for this). Never swipe your concealer as this can remove the concealer from under your eyes.”

7: Use lipstick to brighten the face. “I tend to just wear any lipstick that I feel like wearing that day/night, it always depends on my outfit. I have blonde hair and a lot of girls say to me ‘I’m blonde so I don’t suit red’, but I never think that way. If you like it then wear it and feel confident about it. My go to lipstick is always a nude colour as its easy to apply and top up, but there’s not a colour I wouldn’t say no to.”

8: Apply a blusher that adds colour in your cheeks. “I’m fair skinned so I always use a baby pink/peachy colour on myself. For anyone medium skinned I use a little bit more of a pinky colour (mauve/apricot colours) and for dark/olive skin I use a bronze or berry colour.”

9: Open your eyes with eye make-up. “You can have any style make-up and make your eyes look awake by highlighting under your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye with a very pale eyeshadow in white or pearl.”

Georgia uses: MAC vanilla eyeshadow £13 for a matte look or MAC vanilla pigment £16 for a shimmery look. She also uses a little bit of mascara so her eyes look more awake.

10: Reduce puffy eyes. “I always use an eye serum (MAC fast eye response, £22) under my eyes to avoid puffiness and then I’ll use a tinted moisturiser to get a radiant glow.”    

Must have product: Lip balm

“The only thing I carry with me is a lip balm, especially in the winter to stop my lips becoming dry and chapped.”

I agree with Georgia on this one, a little pot of Vaseline is never far away from me. Definitely my beauty essential at any time of the year.

You can contact Georgia for bookings via these links:

Instagram – @makeupbygeorg

Twitter – @makeupbygeorg

Facebook – www.facebook.com/makeupbygeorg




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