10 things you should never say to someone who wears hair extensions

As a defender for hair extensions I have experienced some of these very statements being thrown at me from time to time, and let me just say, nothing good has ever come from asking these. This is your warning.

“You’re so fake.”

Oh really?! Does make-up make you fake, false lashes, tan, nails? Where do we draw the line here people of society? And from the look of your roots I‘m sure your hair is dyed, so what’s the difference?

“Why don’t you just grow your hair out?”

That’s what I’ve been trying to do for the past year! I wear my extensions so I can rock long locks while my real hair is growing. Do you know how slow hair grows? Jeez!

“Will you stop wearing them when your real hair is the same length?”

Probably, most likely, I don’t know, but from that rather prioritising statement just to annoy you I’m going to keep them in forever!

“Why do you wear them if your real hair is the same length?”

Volume, duh!

“I hate extensions, they look so bad”.

That’s your choice. A lot of people use different beauty products and prefer some style over others, but I haven’t insulted your hair so don’t insult mine.

giphy (4)

“They must take ages take ages to style in the morning”.

My record to putting in and styling extensions: Five minutes. So there, you can stay in bed for few extra minutes if you want, but within that same time, I’ll be rocking 18-inch hair!

“Let me just fix your hair.”

*Freezes* Get. Your. Hands. Off. My. Hair.

“Some poor woman had her hair chopped off for that”.

I didn’t single-handedly shave some defenseless woman’s head, so stop trying to make me feel bad! I’m sure they donated their hair by own personal choice for a large sum of money considering the price of extensions now. Please.

“Weren’t they a waste of money?”

There’s only one answer when somebody says that… NO!

giphy (5)

“Why do you even wear them?”

Ah, the most commonly asked question. Let’s see; you can do so many styles with them, you can switch up my look how ever often and as many times as you want, they give you confidence, they make your hair game on point, you can try out literally any new trend, you’ve absolutely nailed hair flicks down to a tee and maybe I just LIKE them.


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