10 women’s grooming commandments you should follow



The world of beauty can be a confusing place. Millions of new products that claim to make us younger, thinner, cleaner, radiant and god knows what else are thrown in our faces each day, and sometimes it is all too much to take in. However when Tom Ford shared his ten commandments of simple men’s grooming tips, it inspired us to go back to basics. So, here is Fashion North’s list of 10 simple things you can do every day to keep yourself beautiful inside and out.

10) Remove your make-up before you go to bed

We know as well as anyone that the struggle is real when it comes to taking your make-up off when you’re tired. However, future you will appreciate your efforts. Keeping on base products, like foundation, clogs your pores and stops your skin from naturally renewing itself – which can lead to blackheads and spots. If you are one of those people that rub their eyes a lot in the morning, take extra care to remove your mascara and eyeliner as residue can cause serious irritation. Besides, only Ke$ha can wake up like this and get away with leaving the house…

9) Try to stay away from make-up wipes

If it’s really late at night and you really cannot be bothered, the occasional quick once-over with a wipe may suffice in removing make-up. However, regular use of these kinds of products can dry out the skin and cause more trouble than good. Skincare expert Caroline Hirons has a very detailed blog with advice on how to look after your skin. She suggests for teen/young adult skin you should be using, “a decent cleanser, possibly a very mild exfoliating toner if you are suffering from spots/acne, and a moisturiser followed by SPF”. Make an allowance in your budget for your skincare, you will thank yourself one day.

8) Moisturise your face

Everybody’s skin is different, and that means that certain facial skincare products correlate with different skin types. However, even if your skin is oily, you should always make sure you keep your skin moisturised. There are huge ranges of different products out there to cater for various problems, so the first part of the journey is working out what the condition of your skin is like check out our article on the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, and use this helpful article to discover what type of skin you have. Don’t forget to moisturise though, just check the packaging and find one perfect for your category. Otherwise, you might end up looking like this:

7) Keep your nails ridge-free

Keeping your nails looking clean and tidy doesn’t have to involve perfectly painted manicures. The easiest way to keep your hands looking dainty is to file down any ridges into a smooth, rounded shape. Other nail care essentials include pushing the cuticles back, using a good hand cream to keep the skin soft and supple and, ensuring you have enough iron in your diet to keep the nails strong.

6) Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows… you will regret it

There’s been somewhat of an eyebrow revolution over the last year or so, as ladies have gone from favouring the thinner brow to embracing the more natural alternative. Obviously though, even the most bushiest of brow needs to be tamed once in a while, and that’s what tweezers were made for. But it is too easy to get carried away and end up with practically no hairs left. If you aren’t confident about managing your own brows, get yourself to a brow bar and get them threaded or waxed. The pain is excruciating at first, but they will have never looked better. To make the most of thinner brows, use a tinted eyebrow gel and brush upward for maximum volume. Without your eyebrows, how would you ever be able to do this?

5) Take that extra five minutes after a shower to moisturise your body 

Skincare doesn’t just end at the face. Keeping your body hydrated is just as important as the skin on your face is, and it’s a step that many women miss from their routine. We know all you want to do after a shower is get in your cosiest pyjamas and laze about, but moisturising your legs, arms and the rest of your body will keep the skin tight and plump. The Body Shop’s body butters are especially nourishing, and smell incredible, if you are feeling particularly indulgent, or if you are feeling a little more lazy the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser washes off under the water and provides tonnes of hydration.

4) Keep your fake-tan as natural as possible

If you are a girl who likes to look bronzed all year long, fake tan might be an option for you. However, it is so easy to overdo it and look an unnatural colour. When applying tan, ensure your skin has been heavily exfoliated beforehand, this helps with even application. Furthermore, choose a shade that is a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you are pale, go for a light to medium tan. Don’t try and use dark shades as it could look too harsh.

3) Don’t over-wash your hair

Clean hair feels great. It’s smooth, silky and makes you look so healthy. However, if your hair is washed too many times in a week, it becomes unmanageable and can be hard to style. Try washing your hair every 3-4 days and see how it feels. It all depends on how quickly your hair becomes greasy, but you might find it is the key to looking well-groomed. If you want to try a new haircare routine, why not try Reverse washing too? 

2) But don’t overload it with dry shampoo!

Products help to extend the life of your unwashed hair, and dry shampoo is an essential maintenance tool. However, don’t rely on using it to keep your hair clean. Most dry shampoos include some kind of powdery substance that clings to your scalp and can leave your hair feeling gritty and unclean. On the other hand, it adds a lot of volume and takes away any unwanted grease. Work out the balance between how long you can leave between washes, and you have the key to fabulous hair.

1) Enjoy wearing make-up and have fun with it

Applying make-up is a creative process. If you want to wear lots of make-up that’s fine, but if you don’t want to wear any at all, that is equally okay. Enjoy experimenting with products and create your own look. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve done something wrong. If you think you look flawless, then that is what matters. Some people enjoy creating neutral looks in shades of brown and pink, but if you fancy trying something new then why not? You only live once!


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