13 money saving hacks for 2018

Do you find saving money difficult? Well, don’t worry because here at Fashion North, we have thought of the best and easiest ways for you to save money in 2018, and not one of them involves a bank.

Christmas has come and gone and it’s time to start tightening the purse stings again – it’s time to get serious.


  1. Don’t let change weigh you down! If you have any spare change in your purse that’s just making it heavier and heavier, put it in a jar and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it all adds up.
  2. Constantly reaching for that credit card? Keep a photograph of something you want in your purse to remind you what you’re saving towards. It will make you think twice about those pointless purchases.
  3. Have one or two no spend days a week. This means packing your own lunch and not buying a coffee just because you’re out of the house – that’s what travel mugs are for.
  4. Know your discounts and shop smart. For example, pen markings on shopping tags can often mean the price is about to be reduced. So if it’s not on sale now, just wait because it’s going to be (the number written in pen is often going to be the reduced price!) You can read more about the secrets of shopping here.
  5. Don’t buy into every fast fashion trend because once it’s had its time, you won’t even give it a second thought. Remember, staple pieces are you best friend.
  6. Don’t buy expensive what you can get cheap (designer brands are nice but the high street offers some amazing deals for half the price, so ignore the brand label and start focusing on that number) and when it comes to beauty products, know your dupes!
  7. Remember cheap isn’t free! Sales are designed for you to spend more money not less. So, be smart and only buy what you need.
  8. Need your nails doing? Do them yourself and don’t spend money you don’t have just so you can have fancy finger nails that barely last what they’re worth.
  9. On a diet? Over half of the population sets a fitness goal for their new year’s resolution. So here’s a way to kill two birds with one stone – for every naughty treat you should eat, put £1 in a jar. You might start thinking twice about what you’re putting in your mouth if every sweet treat costs you that £1 coin you need for parking or bus fair.
  10. Some shops offer free products in return for empty containers! M.A.C, Lush and Kiehl’s are just some of the retailers that will give you a free product when you bring back their packaging to recycle.
  11. Make-up brush cleaner is expensive, so learn to make your own. Often all you need is a little anti-bacterial soap and olive oil, plus it will last much longer than a branded brush cleaner (If you’re really lazy just use baby shampoo!).
  12. Do you have clothes sitting in your wardrobe that just don’t fit any more? Well, there are many companies that will accept your reusable clothes and exchange them for cash!
  13. Give yourself a weekly budget and don’t spend more than you’ve allocated yourself. At the end of the week whatever’s left, save it and start fresh the next week. That money quickly builds up and that means it’s always there for a rainy day.

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