7 Top Tips for Shopping on a Budget

Photo:  Lauren Hurley/PA Archive/PA Images.

Photo: Lauren Hurley/PA Archive/PA Images.

Fashion is a high-priced game for many of us. We want what the celebrities are wearing, whether it be those killer Christian Louboutin heels or those black ripped skinny jeans, that we know we can get in other high-street stores for half the price.

With the rising number of student arriving into various towns and cities throughout the country and with money in their pockets, for those fashionista’s out there, one thing will be on their mind – new clothes. I’m definitely one of those people, but I’m also the type of person that will shop on a budget. We’ve all been there when we want everything and we end up spending lots of money. I’m guilty of that however I’ve now learnt to keep my fashion impulses under control and buy on a budget.

Here are some tips that I use every time I go shopping. It allows me to stay affordably fashionable!

1. Go to charity shops. I’m notorious for going to charity shops. You can get some really good deals if you look hard enough. I can remember getting an old pair of Levi jeans, which were only £7. Bargain or what? If charity shops aren’t your cup of tea then try local boutiques and discount shops. There is no shame in being a charity shop queen! You will be surprised at the response when people ask where you got an item of clothing from and you say “a charity shop”.

2.  By essential things in bulk. Seasonal items are a great thing to pick up, because you never know when you may need those extra pair of shorts or another pair of tights when your other ones ladder. You can also pick up your “basics” like your long sleeved tops, t-shirts and lounge pants. I always buy two of each for a backup or buy them in different colours.

3. Buy only the things you need. We can all go on a shopping trip and splurge, especially when we’ve had a pay day (or when our student loans have come in). Although I said you should buy essential things in bulk, make sure they are essential. If you are going to a shop for a new jumper then get a new jumper. I know I’m not the only one that has a tendency to see something at the front of the shop and put it in my basket. It’s an impulse buy. Then I realise that I don’t have enough money for it because its not what I need, which takes me on to my next tip.

4. Check the price tag. Ask yourself – would I pay this much on any other day? Should it really cost this much? Should I wait to the sale? SALE is always one of my favourite words to see in a shop but I also buy full price items. Always double check against the budget you have set yourself. Stick to the budget too and be realistic.

5. Go to different shops. For items that are in fashion at the moment, they are likely to be everywhere. Look in different shops and then go back to the shop that has that item the cheapest. That way you aren’t buying on impulse and you are being sensible with your budget.

6. Try things on! This is a MUST, but if you don’t have time then think carefully. I went into one shop and picked up a dress and in haste took it to the till and bought it. When I got home, I realised that I had in fact bought a maternity dress! Moral of the story: try before you buy.

7. Wait till things have gone out of fashion a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with waiting because you may get things cheaper. When culottes were the ultimate “in thing”, I waited a few weeks and got a pair for £10! Not bad if you ask me.

If you can stick to these then you will find it hard to go wrong.


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