9 ladies dancing – don’t let sore feet ruin your Christmas party!

We’ve all been in that situation when your Christmas bonus is due so you’ve got a bit of spare cash and you just need to buy those shoes you’ve been staring at through the shop window for months. The joy as they are finally yours, the pure happiness at how beautiful they are, the obsessive Snapchatting of the new pair. But, there’s only one problem. You can’t actually walk in them without your feet killing and you were planning to wear them out that night.



Do not fear, here’s Fashion Norths top 9 ways to get rid of sore feet on a night out:

  1. Buy some comfy gel cushions for your shoes, such as Scholls Party Feet Invisible Cushion. Available at Boots – £4.99.
  2. Tape together your third and fourth toes, counting from the big toe outwards. Sounds weird, but it changes your balance and takes the pressure off the ball of your foot.
  3. Carry some plasters in your handbag in case you get a blister. You can get normal plasters or special blister ones such as Compeed Blister Plasters just £4.39.
  4. Gel toe caps give you a little bit more cushioning at the front and you can find them for as little at £1.10 on Amazon!
  5. Pamper your feet before the night out. Moisturise, exfoliate and most importantly cut your toenails.
  6. Wear some skin coloured pop socks or insoles – whatever is least visible depending on the style of high heel. They stop your foot sliding forward while walking or standing (or dancing!), so reduce pain
  7. Buy Foldable Flats. For when you just can’t bare the heels anymore no matter how gorgeous they are you can get a pair of foldable flats that fit in your clutch bag. We love Dr.Scholls Fast Flats which even include a gold wristlet to store them in. £9.20
  8. For just £1 from Primark you get your hands on 3 pairs of washable invisible socks with gel blister inserts – they even come with glitter on to add to your christmas spirit!
  9. Be wise when it comes to buying heels. Yes, those stilettos might be beautiful but if you can’t physically walk in them then maybe try platform shoes which still give you the height and make your legs look great but put less pressure on to your feet.

Happy dancing!



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