9 products to help you get your chocolate fix without having to eat it

Easter is approaching, which means one thing… chocolate. However, if you’re trying to find other ways to get your chocolate fix, there are plenty of chocolate themed products out there to fulfil your chocolate craving. Here at Fashion North we have curated a list of products which would be a perfect treat for yourself, or an Easter gift for a loved one who is trying to stay away from chocolate.

From top left: Too Faced melted chocolate liquid lipstick, £19. Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette, £39.00. Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle candle, £23.99. Vintage Chocolate travel pouch, £7.99. Gucci moisture rich lipstick, £29. Ciaté chocolate orange nail polish remover, £6. Lush cupcake face mask, £7.25. Chocolate face mask, £1.50. Topshop lipstick in Boardroom, £8. Bourjois Delice De Poudre chocolate bronzer, £7.99.

From candles which will give your home that sweet chocolate scent, to face masks and even nail polish remover (who knew?!)


There are plenty of ways to get your chocolate fix without eating it, even though we know it might not be the same. Make-up and pamper products, especially the cupcake mask from Lush is another way to fight your chocolate craving.

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