Popular vintage shop owner in Middlesbrough talks about move to Canada and the shop’s future

Vintageous Rags, known to most vintage lovers in Teesside is changing its management and is having a re-vamp due to owner Grace Stringer moving to Canada. The shop is going to be taken over by a new owner, however is still going to stay a vintage shop.

Grace Stringer, owner of Vintageous Rags on Baker Street, Middlesbrough, talks about her relocation to Canada and what’s in store for the future of the shop.

Grace is still going to be a part of Vintageous Rags, but working from her new home instead. She explains that she is going to be working online due to the fact that she sells more online rather than in the shop. “Nearly 80% of my sales are online now”, she reveals.

After visiting family in Canada several times, this influenced her move. “Recently I started getting my stock from over there and realised that I could get it for a lot cheaper and the quality’s much better than over here”.

The shop is currently located at 18 Baker Street in Middlesbrough. Grace reveals that she is going to miss being a part of Baker Street: “I will miss Baker Street because it’s like a little community and I’ve obviously got to know everyone and its quite close knit I suppose.”

Grace is excited to see what’s in store for the future: “I suppose I’m lucky in a sense that I can travel and work at the same time, because everything’s online now so I’m just glad that I’m doing it while I can.”

See the full video here:

Visit VR’s social media pages@vintageousrags, and their website: www.vintageousrags.com



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