A little guide to winter skincare


As the winter months approach your skins becoming dry, cracked and sore, you need a new skincare range. Great skin doesn’t come easily, you need to find a routine that suits you with products that suit your skin type, which isn’t always easy. From cleansers to exfoliators to eye creams and beyond, you need them all (as much as you might not want to admit it). The one problem that every girl/man comes across is not knowing our skin type, normal, combination, dry or just simply dehydrated. The right products will balance out your skin and give you everything for a fabulous complexion.

Normal: A radiant complexion that isn’t severely sensitive with barely visible pores and little imperfections.

Combination: Shiny and dry in some areas, likely to have an oily T-zone with more prominent pores and blackheads.

Dry: Dull complexion, slight red and patchy areas with almost invisible pores.

Don’t mistake your dehydrated skin for dry skin; it’s probably a cause of not drinking enough water, not enough sleep or too much alcohol the night before. Dehydrated skin will feel greasy and tired and you may have little wrinkles at the outer corners of your eyes. What you need is a hydration mask and to drink plenty of water, this will rebalance the oils and your skin will be looking fresh and radiant in no time.

A quick and simple routine for both morning and night is to remove any eye makeup using either an eye makeup remover or a cleanser, if you’re feeling extra dirty use an exfoliator or mask, then apply a little eye cream to keep those wrinkles at bay for a few more years and make sure you moisturise.

We’ve rallied together some of the best budget, buy now and pay day products that will help with your daily skin routine.

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Eye Make up Remover

Olay Essentials Eye Makeup Remover £2.99

La Roche Posay Rosaliac Gel £12.50

Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover £18.00

A small amount on a cotton pad will remove your mascara, gel liner and eye shadow in a couple of swipes, definitely worth the money.



Simple Refreshing Facial Wash £1.50

Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix £7.95

Trilogy Cream Cleanser £22.50

These three products are perfect for all skin types, but if you have sensitive skin the Trilogy Cream Cleanser is definitely worth a try.



Avon Clearskin pore penetrating black mineral mask £2.50

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub £9.95

Dior Instant Gentle Exfoliant £29.00

The products that automatically make your face feel clean and fresh, perfect for post-workout or relaxing after work.

Watersplash desktop image from tcistudio.co.uk

Eye Cream

Simple Radiance Brightening Eyes £7.49

Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Hydragel £12.50

Origins Starting Over £29.50

These three products give your under eyes the boost they need to make you look wide awake.



Nivea Daily Essentials £4.49

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] £15.50

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream £24.50

Nivea have a product for every skin type in their budget buy Daily Essentials range, as do La Roche Posay and Trilogy, these three products are perfect for all skin types.


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