A streak of Tough Femininity in Dior’s loud and empowering AW 20 show

Following the Harry Weinsten trial, Maria Grazia Chuiri has done it once again by taking women empowerment to the next level in an aesthetically modern design show space with bright and bold illuminating messages such as “ CONSENT” and “ WOMEN STRIKE THE WORLD” from the collective artist, Claire Fontaine.

Along with newspaper covered floors, the location took place in the Jardin des Tuileries, designed over the octagonal fountain of the garden itself which marks the five-year union with Dior and the Louvre museum. Therefore, seated amongst the crowd in a square-like arrangement were A- list celebrities and models such as Nina Dobrev, Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss. 

Just like the recent Dior’s SS20 couture show which had posed the feminist question “What if women ruled the world”? The outfits for this AW20 collection were a major breakthrough for women’s fashion making everything fierce but with a touch of flair,  which can be clearly seen with the revival of fringes that gives the nostalgic flapper style in the ’20s a new take. Therefore,  Dior has managed to redefine the 1920’s fashion statement induced with bohemian style giving it a more edgier look with combat boots, fishnet stockings, headscarves, fringed dresses with plunging V-necklines, along with blazers changing the stigma of something that was once colourful and happy go lucky. 


Credit : Vogue

Credit : Vogue













In an age where bringing back the history of fashion is facing a revival, the outfits in the collection propose college-style garments of the 1920s and the 1960s famously known as the hipster decades. The collection mixes both preppy and masculine styles together in a pandemonium of patterns with tartan A-line skirts, Argyle vests accompanied with shirts and ties along with car wash pleat skirts with tulle lining.


( Credits: Show Studio)


(Credits: Show Studio )


Women being the protagonist of the show did not stop there, as there were a lot of military-style and workwear garments as well with knee-length military coats and fitted black jumpsuits. The infamous bar jacket was brought back, but this time paired with soft pleated skirt and combat boots showing once again that Chuiri’s work to the house and feminist agenda is impeccable.

( Credit : Show Studio)

( Credit : Show Studio)

( Credit :  Show Studio)





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